Deep Waters Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the class size at DWA?

    • The University-Model ® School maintains a maximum of a 15: 1 student to teacher ratio. 

  • Do I pick my own curriculum? 

    • At Deep Waters Academy the administration and curriculum committee research and pray over each curriculum chosen. Our curriculum meets all of our criteria as well as ones that suit our University-Model ® School. 

  • What curriculum(s) do you use?

    • Saxon Math, Logic of English, Institute of Excellence in Writing (IEW), BiblioPlan History, Elemental Science, Novare Science, and Latin & Greek Root Word Study Materials

  • What are the school days and hours?

    • DWA meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:30am-3:30pm. Students homeschool with their co-teacher/parent on the other days. 

  • Does DWA have a uniform policy?

    • Yes, DWA requires students to follow a dress code outlined in the Student Handbook. 

  • Does DWA have a morning assembly?

    • Yes, DWA meets each school day as a school community in the gymnasium to begin our day. Once a month, we have a “Going Deeper” assembly during which one of our Core Values is presented by a member of our community. 

  • Does this style of education fulfill state requirements?

    • Yes, our academic standards meet or exceed the requirements for grade levels in the public schools in Texas as published by the Texas Education Agency.

    • We will be working alongside UMSI to be certified and accredited in the upcoming school years through the highly esteemed COGNIA accreditation organization, formerly known as AdvancED.

  • Will there be any standardized testing? 

    • There will not be any standardized testing at DWA at this time. 

  • Do the at home days consist of virtual learning? 

    • No, on the home days of learning students will have all the materials they need to complete their work with their parents guidance. All new material is presented on the class days by the professional educator. Parents reinforce what the student has already learned in class. 

  • Will students learn a foreign language?

    • Yes! Beginning in 3rd grade students receive weekly instruction in Spanish.

  • Does DWA offer fine arts?

    • We offer art and music weekly 

  • Does DWA offer services for students with disabilities?

    • We unfortunately are not equipped to support students with disabilities. 

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