Deep Waters Academy

DWA Tuition Costs

 K-8 Standard Student Tuition  $3,600/student 
2nd Student registered from the same family (and all additional students registered from the same family) $3,350/student 
 Student Registration & Enrollment Fee * $250/student
 Family Application Fee * $25 

*The DWA Registration fee is waived for the 3rd student registration from one single family (and any additional students from that family). 

*The Student Registration & Enrollment Fee is due within 2 weeks of the student's acceptance. 



  • A $250/off per sibling discount will be applied 

  • A 25% discount will be given to families of DWA faculty and staff. 

Tuition is payable in the following methods:

  1. One payment due August 10th,

  2. Two equal installments due August 10 and December 10, or

  3. Ten monthly installments beginning August 5 and ending May 5.

Tuition may be paid through the online portal on Class Reach. 



All student books, as identified on the Book List, will need to be purchased by each student’s family.  Total book costs vary depending on the grade level. Buying used books when acceptable can significantly lower the cost. 

Regular Registration Deadline: May 31, 2024

Application Fee increases to $75 for all applications after May 31st. 

Please join us for an upcoming Interest Meeting to hear more. 
We look forward to meeting you!